South Jersey Sheds & Gazebos

Shed Moving

All Sheds are moved by our specially designed shed trailer.
No shed is too large. Shed pictured is a 12' X 32' Shed
We now are able to move your shed within or out of your yard with no Truck, Trailer or Heavy Equipment. With our newly patiented Shed Mover. NO worrying about your grass, sprinkler system, septic system etc. Most sheds weigh less per square inch while moving them, then walking across the yard. Call us for current fees to use special Shed mover.
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We go to great lengths to deliver as scheduled. And yes we delivered right after this picture was taken.
Please note the below prices only apply to moving sheds from one location to another. These rates do not apply to purchasing one of our new sheds. All our new sheds are deliveried free for Cumberland County NJ, if not in Cumberland County NJ contact us for delivery fees.


Shed moving fees (one location to another)
Currently moving Sheds in South Jersey (Cape May, Cumberland, Gloucester,Salem, Camden & Altantic Counties.)

Basic Flat Fee for Amish Built Sheds Only

8' Wide Shed - 400.00
10' Wide Shed - 500.00
12' Wide Shed - 600.00
14' Wide Shed - 700.00

If the shed you need moved has our emblem on it, you will recieve $100.00 discount.

Note: We are currently not moving sheds that are homemade, built on site or purchased from a Department Store Chain.
Remember we are fully insured to move your shed, we get all oversized load permits required by the State of NJ. We are one of a few companies in all Southern NJ to be registered for oversized loads in NJ, DE, & PA. We want to see you get the best price for moving your shed, but don't chance an uninsured shed mover for a lower price.
Questions to ask your shed mover.

-Do you have a permit for an oversized load ? (All Sheds over 8 ft must have a permit)
-Is your trailer insured for the load on the trailer?(This is a rider and is an extra cost).
-Is your Truck and Trailer Federally Inspected?
-Does your Shed mover have proper equipment, oversized signs front and back, mirrors extending 6 inches past load, flags marking outer corners. Hazard beacon?
-Does your shed mover have an approved DOT Number ?
-Remember if you get a cheap price there is a reason. Don't chance loosing your shed to a few dollars.
2.50 per mile plus tolls and highway permits. (New Jersey oversize load permit, currently $50.00)
2.50 per mile is total miles driven to pick up location, then to drop off location and return miles to office.
If you need a shed moved please complete form below and return, via mail, email or fax at 856-447-4314.