South Jersey Sheds & Gazebos

Above pics are of Sheds that have been on blocks for 6 months, but have decent grass around the sheds
Below are examples of Stone Pads - Sheds on Blocks with and without Grass.
2007-11-28-website020012.jpg 2007-11-28-website020011.jpg 2007-11-28-website020010.jpg
Above pic is of a Shed that has been setting on the ground for one month with no blocks or Grass around the shed.


Stone Base Information

Above pics are of one our sheds that has been on a Stone Base for 10 ten years.
2007-11-28-website020007.jpg 2007-11-28-website020006.jpg 2007-11-28-website020005.jpg 2007-11-28-website020004.jpg
Choosing a base for your Shed is as important as picking the right shed.
We have all options available for everyones budget.
Our first option is our recommended option. 3/4" Crushed stone base, at least 2" thick, and 12" to 18" larger then the shed.
Second available option is to place shed on 4" Solid cap block.
Third is to place the shed directly on the ground.
We understand that in today times, budgets are very tight. We will work with you to provide you with the best solution for a base for your budget and needs.
Why we recommend a Stone Base over any other option.
A Stone base allows water to seep away from the shed allowing the shed and wood skids to dry quickly. (Pressure treated is to prevent insect damage, it is not water proofing).
Stone stops side splash and dirt from accumulating on the side of the shed, the leading cause of shed deterioration.
Using stone provides a level spot for your shed to set on and evenly distributes the weight of the shed.


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