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Golf Cart Accessories
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                                                       Basic features to look for in a used Golf Cart.

*** Is the Golf Cart from the North East or South. Golf Carts from the south are utilized 12 months a year whereas a Northeast Golf Cart is utilized less then 8 months, that is 1/3 less use.
*** Does the Golf Cart have a charger, a Golf Cart without a charger is a sure sign that the Golf Cart is stolen.
*** Ensure that you recieve a reciept with the serial # of the unit. Nobody likes to pay sales tax but paying 7% sales tax is a inexpensive insurance policy for a reciept and proof that it is not stolen. All Golf Carts have serial #'s.
*** When Choosing an EZ-Go, is the Golf Cart a PDS or Standard TXT Golf Cart. PDS Golf Carts have electronic controlers and are 4 to 5 mph faster then the standard Ez-Go. The easy sign of a PDS is the forward / reverse switch is on the dash. Used PDS Golf Carts cost 150 - 200 more then the standard models.
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J & R Enterprises is proud to announce that we now can customize any Golf Cart no matter what the condition
Condition Golf Cart at beginning
Golf Cart finished, New 5" Lift, Rear Seat, Headlights, Tail Lights, Custom Wheels and Tires.
During process
During process
Customized Painting Provided by J. J. Hares
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